If you are a parent like me, then you know that summertime can often be a challenge. Trying to find someone to watch the kids, while simultaneously trying to entertain them so that they don’t become zombies to Youtube or their Xbox, can be difficult.

Some summer camps can offer specialized week long options, while others offer a simple daycare option. As a parent I wanted an experience for my kids that not only was fun, but also intellectually stimulating. I also needed something that would be available all summer, to help with our families busy work schedule. Out of this Active Minds Learning Camp was born. Last year we piloted the program with 21 campers over the 9 week summer vacation with great success!

Many summer camps take random field trips to entertain the kids, however as an educator I was always disappointed that they did not use these experiences to engage and stimulate kids’ minds. To me these are missed opportunities. Active Minds Learning Camp takes the opportunity to engage kids with experiential trips that support fun learning throughout the summer months. Active Minds focuses on foundation skills in the two areas that unlock educational success; English and mathematics.

Each week has a different anchor trip that follows a theme within the academic enrichment program. From reading and writing about knights and peasants, to watching a real life battle at Medieval Times, we engage our kids with fun experiences to foster learning opportunities that support their growth as students. But don’t think of us as summer school. The enrichment is a small part of what we do.

We at Active Minds are about active fun. In addition to our academic anchor trip of the week, we also have a weekly “Active Trip.” These trips are all about getting kids to be active in the summer. These trips are specially designed and chosen to build team working skills, improve self-confidence, and build character and leadership skills, but most importantly have fun. All this in addition to a weekly swimming and bounce house program, your kids are sure to get the most out of their 2016 summer camp experience.

– Michael Serio