2019: Synopsis and Activity Schedule

16/17 - 6/21AnimalsSmithsonian's National ZooiFly$79.75
26/24 - 6/28MarvelThe Franklin Institute: Marvel ExperienceThe Secret Life of Pets 2 or Detective Pikachu$79.75
37/1 - 7/5AmericanaSmithsonian’s
National Museum of American History
Dave & Busters$69.75
47/8 - 7/12ArtThe Baltimore Museum of ArtMcFadden Art Studio$72.00
57/15 - 7/19TheaterDutch Apple Dinner Theater: The Broadway Experience of AnnieThe Big Improv Theater$79.00
67/22 - 7/26Knights & PrincessesMedieval TimesHorseback Riding$85.00
77/29 - 8/2DinosaursSmithsonian’s Museum of Natural HistoryLaser Dome$75.00
88/5 - 8/9TeamworkBaltimore Ravens Training CampHershey Park$94.00
98/12 - 8/16LeadershipThe White House*Earth Treks$79.75
108/19 - 8/23AdventureTerrapin Adventures or River & Trail OutfittersUrban Air$85.00
118/26 - 8/30The Culinary ArtsThe Wedding CottageKobe Steak House

Week 1: Animals Week

Let's start the summer with a safari! Campers will travel to the National Zoo where they will explore Rhino’s, Tiger’s,Panda’s, and more. Campers will complete a scavenger hunt, designed by our educators to engage the exhibits as they explore the zoo. Later in the week we will amp up the excitement at iFLY, where campers will levitate in mid-air as they skydive indoors! It is an incredible experience! The fun doesn’t stop there! Campers will have a special visitor this week, Michael Shwedick from Reptile World will stop in with his reptile wagon! Wait until you see what he has in store for them!

Week 2: Superhero’s Week

This week is all about Superheroes! From Iron Man to Wonder Woman, campers will explore the world of Superheroes. First, campers will experience a special exhibit, The Marvel Experience at the world renowned kids science center, The Franklin Institute. Campers will be able to explore the exhibit and learn about all of their favorite characters, designed by the late great Stan Lee. Also this week campers will go see one of the two hottest summer movies for kids in 2019, Detective Pikachu or the Secret Life of Pets: 2 at AMC theaters!  

Week 3: Americana Week

Welcome to our countries Independence Day! We will celebrate by exploring our history at the Smithsonian’s American History Museum. Campers will work in groups as they engage exhibits throughout the museum. From the Declaration of Independence to the first Google server, campers will explore American history! The fun doesn’t stop there; campers will travel to Round Top Mountain where adventure awaits. Campers will spend hours exploring and climbing through the canopy crawl, switchback tower, alpine traverse and giant staircase all connected high above the ground. From Ogo Ball’s to bumper boats to the super slide campers will have a blast. For campers that seek the most adventure, zliplines await. Campers will have both small, large and duel ziplines to choose from. Lets have some fun!

Week 4: Art Week

Campers will get to know their artistic side this week, during Art Week. Campers will explore the Baltimore Museum of Art, with a specially designed tour created just for them by our educators. Campers will see artwork by Picasso, Matisse, Renior, and Monet! They will even see a special painting that was stolen in 1951, and returned 61 years later by the F.B.I! Later this week campers get hands-on when they journey to McFadden Art Studio. Here campers will make a unique piece of art glass. Campers will choose from several different options and colors, then will be guided as they turn molten glass into beautiful art!

Week 5: Theater Week

Ready, set, action! Campers will enter the world of the theater. Our journey this week begins with the Dutch Apple Theater group in Lancaster. Campers will participate in a theater workshop that teaches them how to sing and dance on stage. Once the workshop concludes campers can help themselves to an all you can eat buffet, before seeing Broadway’s Annie! But the theater experience doesn’t stop there. Partnering with the Big Baltimore Improv. Group, campers will get an introduction and exploration of their improvisational skills as their are guided through a workshop by director Michael Hartwell. Get ready for a silly and fun day on the stage.

Week 6: Knights and Princesses Week

Lookout as campers travel back to the time of Princesses and Knights, as they watch the games of Medieval Times! Campers will cheer on their designated knight as he does battle and tries to win the games in the arena! Lunch for a King will be provided during the show. Later in the week campers will learn how to ride a valiant steed as they go horseback riding at an indoor riding stable. Hold on it could be a bumpy ride!

Week 7: Dinosaur Week

Welcome to the Jurassic Period! Campers will travel to the newest exhibit in the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum, the Dinosaur Hall! It has taken 3 years of construction to renovate the Dinosaur Hall, and we are excited to explore with campers. From the Tyransaurs Rex to digging for fossils campers will explore the Jurassic Period first hand. Later in the week campers will travel to Laser Dome, the most exciting place in the Universe! From unlimited laser tag and video games, campers will have a literal blast at this Active Minds party adventure.

Week 8: Teamwork Week

This week is all about teamwork! Campers will travel to Owings Mills to meet the Baltimore Ravens at Training Camp! After watching a small part of the practice, campers will be able to get pictures and autographs with their favorite players. It is an experience that will last a lifetime.The excitement continues as campers take their annual end of the summer trip to Hershey Park. From small rides, to roller coasters, to the Boardwalk campers will have a blast!

*Field trips to the Baltimore Ravens Training Camp have to be applied for accepted by the Baltimore Ravens. We cannot guarantee we will be accepted. In the past we have applied 3 times and have been accepted 3 times. However, in the event we are declined a backup trip is in place involving the Baltimore Orioles.

Week 9: Leadership Week

Welcome to the most exciting week of the summer! Campers will take a special tour of the most famous house in the world, the White House. During their tour, designed and given by our educators, campers will learn about the different leaders of our nation. From where Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act next to Martin Luther King Jr to the room Mrs. Lincoln would never enter, kids will learn all about our Presidents. Later in the week campers will then go to Earth Treks for indoor rock climbing. This is where fun meets exciting! Campers will work as a team through several challenges, including climbing while blindfolded and tethered to a partner! Be sure to communicate, or you may not make it to the top!

*Field trips to the White House have to be applied for and are approved 14 days before the scheduled time. Therefore, we cannot guarantee this trip. We have applied 3 times in the past and have been accepted all 3 times. However, in the event we do not get this field trip we have several options to take this field trips place.

Week 10: Adventure Week

Adrenaline is the focus of this week. Our younger group A (K-2nd) graders will go to Terrapin Adventures where they will tackle the Terrapin Explorer. This is the two story climbing experience that is designed to increase confidence and problem solving as they go around a specially designed course. From mini zip lines to pirate nets, to tight rope walking, kids will have an experience to share when they get home tonight! Our older group B (3rd -5th) can choose an adventure that could leave them a little wet! Campers in this group have the option to go white water rafting on the Shenandoah River near Frederick. This all day excursion is led by an experienced guide from River and Trail Outfitters. This experience works on teamwork and communication as they work together during their journey. However, if a group B camper would rather climb, they can choose to go to Terrapin Adventures this week as well. If campers are not tired already, they will travel to where gravity is overrated, Urban Air. Campers will enjoy an afternoon of jumping, climbing, and dodge ball with their friends!

This week was chosen because historically river levels are lowest because of summer draught and thus more docile.  

Week 11: Culinary Arts Week

Last year's hit theme is back, with a Netflix Nailed It! Inspired theme. Campers will travel to the Wedding Cottage where the master bakers will teach our campers how to design professional cupcakes! By the end of this workshop campers will be design experts! Exploring their creative side campers will make and design their own themed cupcake set. Lastly, campers will end their summer enjoying a meal at Kobe Japanese Steak House, where cooking comes to life right before their eyes! Get ready to feel the heat.