A COVID-19 Update from our Founder, Mr. Mike

  • 1. Elf - Hand Washing Unit

ELF hand sanitizing stationWe have requested from our church partners at both Perry Hall and Lutherville, to allow us to purchase and install a hand washing unit. This unit, adopted by Disney Cruise Lines, will be located at the entrance of camp. As part of the new drop off procedures, campers who enter must wash their hands before doing anything else. In 9 seconds campers hands will be 100% clean. This ensures that every child entering has clean hands and is a tool that we will use throughout the day.

2. Touch Free Hand Hygiene

To help hand hygiene, we are asking all church partners to let us install hands free sinks, soap dispensers and paper towel holders. This will decrease point of contact exposure for campers.

3. Hand Sanitizer Stations

Touch free hand sanitation machines will be at each location and used between activities.

4. Parent Restricted Access to Buildings

To limit our buildings to exposure parents cannot enter the building for any reason. At drop off each day, and pick up, parents will be greeted at the entrance and assisted by a team member.

5. Masks

All campers, and staff, must wear a mask when inside. CDC guidelines prohibit kids from wearing masks outside. Only kids with a medical reason can be exempted from this requirement.

6. Group Size Reduction

We are unsure what restrictions could be placed on groups. Currently in Stage 1 the state requires a 50% capacity. We believe this will be the case. While we are already smaller than most camps, ​we are prepared to operate even smaller​. We have requested more space from each church to split our groups from a max of 39, to a max of 20.

7. Disinfection Strike Team

This team is assigned to clean each location at the end of each day. They will disinfect all high touch surfaces and bathrooms. This team will be used for special guests and any field trips to ensure areas are disinfected prior to arrival.

8. New Disinfection procedures

  • All campers will be directed throughout the day to use hand sanitizer after activities.
  • Campers will be required to wash hands at specific points throughout the day.
  • All high-traffic surfaces will be disinfected every 120 minutes throughout the day.
    • Each camp's checklist must be completed by a team member.

9. Camp Policy Changes

Personal Items

  • No personal items, toys or plush/stuffed animals can be brought from home.
  • An extra set of clothing may be kept in cubby in a sealed Ziploc bag with camper's name on it.
  • Lotion can be kept in cubby with camper's name on it for those with hands sensitive to hand sanitizer.
  • Sunscreen can be kept in cubby with camper's name on it.
  • Lunches must be brought in a brown or disposable bag.
  • Lunches MAY be refridgerated.
  • AM/PM snack must be in a separate bag with camper's name on it and cannot be perishable.

Camp Items

To lessen the exposure to hand contact, only items that will be used that day will be in camp; everything else will have been sanitized and must be stored away.

10. New Daily Drop Off / Pick Up Procedures

Restricted Access

Parents will ring the doorbell at drop off and pick up, and a team member will assist them. They cannot enter the camp for any reason. If someone is in front of you, please wait in a line giving distance to one another while the family ahead of you is helped.

Health Screening

Each child must have their temperature taken prior to entering. Parents must answer questions regarding the health of family members at home.

Hand hygiene

Entering campers must wash their hands prior to touching anything, or putting their belongings in their cubby.

Campers who have symptoms

Using guidelines from the CDC…

  1. Campers presenting any symptom of COVID-19, including prolonged cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat or loss of taste or smell will be immediately placed in a designated isolation room.a. Kids will be allowed to wait while watching a movie.
  2. They will be required to be picked up immediately.
  3. In order to return to camp they must have a written note from a doctorallowing them to return.
  4. After leaving the isolation room, it will be disinfected by a strike team member.