1. Elf - Hand Washing Unit

ELF hand sanitizing stationAt the start of the pandemic we purchased ELF hand washing units. These units, used by Disney Cruise Lines for hand hygiene, are located at the entrance of Perry Hall and Lutherville programs. As part of our drop off procedures, campers who enter must wash their hands as they enter. This unit washes, scrubs and is timed so that each camper's hands are disinfected once they enter the building. It is our biggest tool for hand hygiene and lowering germ transmission.

2. Touch Free Hand Hygiene

To help hand hygiene, we have purchased touch free sinks, soap and paper towel dispensers to again limit the transmission of germs.

3. Masks

All campers and staff must wear a mask when inside and in the van during transport. The mask requirement coincides with current Maryland State Department of Education mandates and CDC guidance. If and when this changes, families and campers are free to continue to wear masks when indoors or during transportation.

4. Medical Grade Air Purification Units

All locations have medical grade Wagner Air Purification Units, the same that are used at GBMC. These units circulate the indoor air and use special filters to remove airborne pathogens from the air.

5. Commercial Disinfection

Every weekend a commercial cleaning company comes in and disinfects the entire camp so that every Monday, campers return to a completely clean building.

6. COVID Vaccination

100% of all team members are vaccinated and boosted.

7. Health Screenings

Campers must be screened to enter our program. Campers' temperatures are taken and parents must answer questions regarding symptoms, testing and exposure.