2021: Synopsis and Activity Schedule

1 6/21 - 6/25 Animals National Zoo The Reptile Man* $75.00
2 6/28 - 7/02 Chesapeake Bay Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center* The Mad Scientist* $89.25
3 7/05 - 7/09 Americana Washington,DC
Monuments Experience
Minions: Rise of Gru* $86.75
4 7/12 - 7/16 Adventure I Rafting/Tubing Experience Billy Goat Trail Hike Group A $79.75
Group B $92.50
5 7/19 - 7/23 Adventure II Tree Trekkers
Climbing Experience
Turkey Hill Overlook Hike $87.75
6 7/26 - 7/30 Pirates USS Constellation Powder Monkey Experience Disney's Jungle Cruise* $76.00
7 8/02 - 8/06 USPS National Postage Museum Laser Dome* $75.00
8 8/09 - 8/13 Coding & Robotics Coding Ninja
Code the Robot Experience*
Hershey Park $92.00
9 8/16 - 8/20 Trains B&O Railroad Museum Skateland Roller Rink $84.25
10 8/23 - 8/27 Culinary Arts Young Chefs Academy Hybridoma Organic Fruit Farm $77.75

* Indicate an activity that is limited or restricted to Active Minds campers only. 

Week 1: Animals Week

Our summer kicks off with Lions, Tigers and Pandas! Campers will explore the National Zoo while trying to solve a mysterious scavenger hunt as a team. From Komodo Dragons to Gorilla’s our campers will explore one of the best zoos in the country! Later that week campers will welcome The Reptile Man who will have campers experiencing everything from Banana Boy the yellow Boa Constrictor to Andy the 65 pound tortoise. Get ready to touch something scaley!

Week 2: The Chesapeake Bay

This week has our campers learning about the heart of Maryland, the Chesapeake Bay. Partnering with the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center, campers will get down and dirty while learning about the Chesapeake Bay. From working on math skills when identifying aquatic species, to learning about oysters and problem solving to create an oyster reef cage, our campers will experience learning! Also this week, our campers will welcome the Mad Scientist who will have them experiencing science with hands-on experiences. Campers will learn, explore and experiment different ways to clean up oil spills. Oh, yeah…..it's going to be messy!

Week 3: Americana Week

To help celebrate the birth of our nation, we will learn about some of our country's greatest leaders by taking a special tour of D.C monuments. From the Lincoln Memorial to the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial campers will travel back in time and meet these great leaders in the present! Campers will ask them questions and learn about history first hand. We end this week with a private showing of the summers upcoming smash hit Minions: Rise of Gru at Horizon Cinemas.  

Week 4: Adventure Week I

This week is the first of this summers’ two adventure weeks. Our younger, group A campers, will enjoy getting wet while tubing on the Gunpowder River in Monkton. This is a slow, windey, 2 hour drifting tour of the Gunpowder, who knows what we will find. Later, our group A campers will hike the gunpowder central trail….pack extra shoes because we are going to get dirty.  

Our older, group B campers, will have the choice between tubing and rafting! Campers will enjoy white water rafting on the Shenandoah River with River Riders. If that isn’t enough adrenaline for you, later this week our group B campers will hike the famous Billy Goat Trail….bring your hiking boots!

*Rafting restricted to entering 3rd graders and above

Week 5: Adventure Week II

Get ready for adventure! Campers will go to Tree Trekkers, where they will challenge themselves physically and mentally, on their high ropes courses. From climbing to ziplining, campers will have their adrenaline tested on this course! But don’t worry, there are lower levels for those who might be height sensitive. Later this week campers will work as a team to complete a scavenger hunt on a special hike of the Turkey Hill Overlook. This trail is filled with beautiful scenery and lots of fun climbing/hiking areas for each group to challenge themselves with. 

Week 6: Pirates Week

ARRRRRRR! Campers enter the world of Pirates by experiencing life on the high seas first hand. Traveling to the USS Constellation, campers will engage history in the Powder Monkey Experience. Here, campers will learn first hand how children on these vessels moved heavy objects and helped load the cannons. All hands on deck! Once we learn about life as a pirate, we will see Disney’s rendition of a jungle pirate when they release Jungle Cruise. Campers will enjoy a private showing at Horizon Cinemas.

Week 7: The Post Office

This week is all about the United States Post Office when we travel to the National Postage Museum. Campers will learn about the Pony Express delivering mail through the dangers of the Wild West, to viewing the most valuable stamp in the world! Campers will explore the museum with their friends while completing a fun scavenger hunt...can they solve the mystery question? Later this week campers will enjoy unlimited laser tag, video games, and pizza at a private Laser Dome event!

Week 8: Coding & Robotics Week

11100010110110011001…...campers will explore the world of coding as we partner with Coding Ninja. Our campers will learn the process of coding during this educator led workshop. Can they code the robot to pick up the items??? Later on this week campers will take our annual summer trip to Hershey Park where they can ride rides, roller coasters or have a wet day on the Boardwalk at the East Coast Water Works. Every camper's favorite trip!

Week 9: Trains Week

Alllllll aboard! This week takes our campers back to the 19th century when steam engines ruled the wild west as they explore the B & O Railroad Museum. Campers will experiment with a STEM workshop that will have them design a PVC freight car, then see how easily they maneuver around the course. Then campers will be led on a special tour of the museum called Food on the Move! Later this week our campers will glide over to Skateland, for a private Active Minds only event, where they will roll to their heart's content with their friends.

Week 10: Culinary Arts Week

That’s a spicy meatball!!! Campers will immerse themselves into the art of cooking. Partnering with Young Chef’s Academy, our campers will learn how to make food from scratch. These specially designed workshops for Active Minds, will certainly have campers asking you to buy ingredients when they get home! Lastly, we will end the week, and our summer, at the Hybridoma Organic Fruit Farm in Glen Arm. Here campers will learn about life on a farm, how organic food is produced, and they can pick as many blackberries as they can eat!