The following policies and procedures have been put in place to ensure every child has a safe and enjoyable summer at camp.  It's important that every parent reviews the following rules and makes sure they talk to their kids so they know what is expected of them and can make the most of their time at camp!

Activity Fee Refund Policy

To register your child for a seat in our program a down payment is required for each week. This consists of the activity fee for your child to participate in the weekly field trips. Because of the ever changing situation with Covid-19 ​all activity fees are fully refundable prior to June 12, 2021.​ After this date activity fees will not be refundable.

Remaining Activity Fee Due Date

At registration, 50% of your activity fees are due as part of your deposit. The other half of the activity fee is due prior to June 1st. Any remaining activity fees paid after that date will have a $50 late fee assessed.


Tuition is due on the first day of each week you are registered. Any payment received after close of business Tuesday, is considered late. The late tuition fee is $30 and will be assessed on that week's tuition cost.

Withdraw and Tuition Refund

All withdrawals must be in writing, via email, with 7 days notice. If a camper is withdrawn with less than 7 days’ notice of the registered week, then you are responsible for that week's tuition. We do not refund weekly tuition.

Change in Schedule

All trips and themes are subject to possible change. Some field trips are not guaranteed and we must apply, while others could be subject to weather related issues. We make every effort to ensure that the trips and themes remain the same, but we do have backup themes and trips. If trips are changed, parents will be notified and an explanation for the change will be provided.

Late Pick Up

Late pick up is considered to be any time after 4:30pm, or 6:00pm if you are registered for extended PM Care. If you are late, a late fee of $1.00 per minute will be accrued until pick up. The pick-up time is determined by the time you sign out of our Brightwheel system.

Food & Water

Campers bring their own lunches from home each day. Lunches are kept in their cubby. Please pack both a morning and afternoon snack labeled with the camper’s name. Because our goal is to get kids out and experiencing summer, we ask that kids bring water with them to camp.


The State of Maryland’s current law for booster seats is that a child who is younger than 8 years of age must be in a booster seat, unless they are 4’9” in height. If your camper needs a booster, one must be left with them at drop off on Monday and can be picked up on Friday. Please make sure that the booster is labeled on the underside with a sharpie.

Extra Supplies

An extra pair of clothes, swimsuit and towel for your camper’s cubby is required each week.

Transportation Agreement

I authorize Active Minds Learning Camp, LLC to transport my child, to and from sites, in their weekly scheduled programs. I will be responsible for communicating with Active Minds Learning Camp, LLC before 7:45am if my child will not be attending camp for that day, so not to impede any scheduled trip times.


Please apply sunscreen in the morning before your camper leaves home. You may also send a bottle of sunscreen, labeled with your camper’s name, for storage in their cubby. It is important to note that staff members cannot apply sunscreen directly onto campers. Staff will remind campers to reapply sunscreen throughout the day by partnering with a friend.

Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

Because each camper's swim level can vary greatly, ​we require that campers under 48” have a PFD swimming aid while in the pool,​ unless they can pass the swim test. If you forget a PFD, a limited number of them are available for campers.

Personal Items

Please do not bring valuables to camp. This includes electronics, such as cell phones and tablets. Active Minds Learning Camp, LLC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. We have a set of tablets that are used in structured station time, and as incentives. We also cannot verify what games, or content, is on personal devices; so to ensure all children are not exposed to anything age inappropriate, we require campers to leave personal devices at home.

Signing In / Out

All campers must be signed in and out by a parents, guardian, or other adult listed on the authorized pick up form. Adults must show valid photo id at the time of signing out.

Early Arrival

Before care starts at 7:00am (7:30am in Bel Air), and the regular camp day begins at 8:30am. You cannot drop campers off before their set time​, regardless of any staff members who may be in the building. If you need to drop off early for something please Brightwheel message ahead to make sure we have extra space.

Custodial Concerns

You must make Active Minds Learning Camp, LLC aware of any court orders related to any camper. Please provide a copy of the court order for our records. If someone is specifically not allowed to pick up a camper, please make the director aware of this and note it on your authorized pick up form.

Hot & Inclement Weather

Our daily schedule can be modified due to unseasonably hot weather or rain. We will monitor weather daily and throughout the week to ensure that we can accomplish as much of our experiential program as possible. All decisions are made in the best interests of the campers safety.


In the unfortunate event that your child is injured, we are trained to provide emergency care, while awaiting emergency help. It is imperative that you are reachable by phone because doctors and hospitals may not treat children with non-life threatening injuries without a parent's presence.

In case of emergency requiring immediate attention, Active Minds staff will:

  1. Administer first aid
  2. Make the child comfortable
  3. Call 911
  4. Notify the parent
  5. Notify Active Minds leadership
  6. Accompany child to the hospital

In the case of injury not requiring emergency care, Active Minds staff members will:

  1. Administer appropriate first aid
  2. Notify parent at pick-up time
  3. Observe and monitor the child's activity

COVID - 19 and Health Policies

Health Screening

Campers must pass a health screening to enter camp. This includes a temperature check. Any camper with a temperature over 99.9 degrees, or who has “covid like” symptoms cannot enter camp and must have a doctor's note to re-enter camp.


Under CDC guidelines, campers over 5 years old must wear a mask while indoors or in vans. Masks are not to be worn outside when playing and breathing can be restricted. Campers with valid reasons can have this waived by a doctors’ order. We also require parents to wear masks as well during drop off and pick up.

Restricted Building Access

To keep our buildings free from outside exposure, parents cannot enter any Active Minds Learning Camp building during drop off or pick up

General Illness Policy

Using CDC guidelines, we ask that you do not send your child to camp if they are feeling ill. If your camper suddenly feels sick at camp, we will make your child comfortable while we contact you. The camper will be isolated from other campers. Parents must be able to pick up immediately. Campers cannot return to camp without written clearance from a physician if they show any of these symptoms

  1. “COVID-19 like” symptoms
  2. Fever (defined as 100 degrees)
  3. Rash
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Vomiting


Active Minds cannot administer any medications. This includes both prescribed and over the counter medicine. If your child can self-administer, either their doctor prescribed medication or over-the-counter medication, (such as Tylenol or allergy medicine) a doctor must fill out a self-administration form.


Active Minds Learning Camp, LLC has a registered nurse (RN) on staff to provide medical guidance, support and recommendations. This is required by State of Maryland COMAR regulations. The nurse has access to camp health forms to better train and prepare our staff about medical conditions campers may have. The nurse is not physically present at camp during the summer, but available at all times and can be contacted for medical recommendations in regards to camper illnesses and injuries. Photographs, video and zoom are used to ensure that the nurse can make the best medical recommendations.

Behavior & Discipline Policy

At Active Minds we believe in making good decisions. We encourage, and support good decisions making skills through positive reinforcement. As educators, our staff has been trained extensively on positive reinforcement behavior modification. We support positive behavior by:

  • Focusing on the positive
  • Offering a wide selection of activities for children to participate
  • Developing rules with the kids, which gives ownership and makes clear expectations and consequences
  • Believe in “cool out” time allowing kids to calm down before engaging them

Behavior Expectations

All campers, and parents, are expected to exemplify Active Minds core values of respect and responsibility at all times while at camp. Appropriate and respectful language, mannerism,a dn behavior is expected at all times.

Immediate Suspension from camp will result if the campers:

  1. Endagners or physically threatens the camp, staff or other campers
  2. Destroys property intentionally.