Active Minds Families,

I hope this finds all of our families happy and healthy as we begin 2021! While the vaccine rollout hasn’t been ideal, we are optimistic that things are changing for the better every day. We are looking forward to seeing all of our families again this summer and have been working very hard on developing a fun and engaging schedule of themes and field trip experiences for Summer 2021!

Please read some of the highlights and updates below.

  1. Early Registration Period

    1. This year Active Minds families will have priority registration from 1/29/21 to 2/12/21.
    2. As a covid precaution we are limiting group sizes again this summer and registration is first come first serve.
  2. Registration 

    1. Like 2020, you are able to pay your registration deposit via Brightwheel.
    2. To register please scan the registration packet back to Mr. Mike at or drop it off to your local Active Minds. You should receive an email back that reads, “confirmed”.
  3. Credits

    1. If you received a credit from Summer 2020, please indicate that on your packet or email.
  4. Withdraw Date

    1. Due to the ever changing situation we allow families to withdraw, with a full refund up to June 12, 2021. Thus, giving families peace of mind when registering this winter.
  5. 2021 Tuition

    Weeks RegisteredWeekly Tuition - Perry Hall / LuthervilleWeekly Tuition - Bel Air
    8 - 10$240$225
    4 - 7$250$235
    1 - 3$260$250
  1. Summer Camp Specials

    1. 15% Sibling Discount
    2. 10% Entering Kindergarten Discount
  2. Fall Registration Special

    1. This fall we will be offering both a hybrid care and before/after care program.
      1. Assuming BCPS begins in a hybrid format.
    2. Families new to our school year programs will save 20% on summer camp tuition and 10% on school year tuition.
  1. Field Trip Experiences

    1. Opt Out - Parents can opt out of any trip.
    2. This summer, we again focused a lot on outdoor experiences for our campers.
    3. We also built in select field trips that are restricted to only Active Minds Learning Camp. This limits our campers to any outside exposure. These are designated on the schedule with an asterisk.
    4. Museums - We are going to allow two field trip experiences to low traffic locations. We also placed them at the end of the summer to continue to give time for vaccinations and improved metrics.
    5. Flexibility - Please know that schedules are subject to change as conditions and availability can change.
    6. In 2020 we acquired a 30’ inflatable waterslide. Refer to the registration packet to see which weeks kids will enjoy the adrenaline rush water slide!
    7. Please note that the first week of the summer schedule runs concurrent with BCPS’s scheduled last week of school that includes two 3 hour early dismissals.
  1. COVID Precautions 

    1. Health Screening - Campers are temperature checked and must pass a medical screening to enter.
    2. ELF Unit - Our locations have automated hand washing stations that scrub and clean each camper's hands when entering, and throughout the day. This technology guarantees all campers hands are germ free.  (Right)
    3. Masks - All campers and staff are required to wear masks at all times in the building.
    4. Air Purification System - All locations have medical grade HEPA air purification systems circulating and removing droplet germs from the air.
    5. Sanitization - along with daily sanitization, a cleaning company sanitizes each location every Sunday prior to the week starting. This includes special vacuuming and sanitization measures.
    6. Limited Group Sizes - while the State of Maryland has reinstated pre-pandemic ratios/group sizes, we will continue to limit group sizes again this summer regardless.

On behalf of Ms. Hoffman, Ms. Rachael and myself, we are super excited to see all of our campers back this summer. We have worked really hard to bring you another summer full of learning experiences. If anyone has any questions do not hesitate to ask!

Mr. Mike

Executive Director
Active Minds Learning Camp