2020: Synopsis and Activity Schedule

16/22 - 6/26DinosaursFossil Hunting at Calvert CliffsAmazing Glaze$63.00
26/29 - 7/03AmericanaTBDAdventure at Round Top Mountain$67.00
37/06 - 7/10MysteryThe Murder Mystery Co.Summer Slide$69.00
47/13 - 7/17Robotics & CodingSnapology Coding ExperienceSoul Movie$69.50
57/20 - 7/24PiratesUSS Constellation
Powder Monkey Experience
Gunpowder Central Hike$61.00
67/27 - 7/31Ninjas*Samurai Warrior ExperienceThe Great Wave Canvas$78.00
78/03 - 8/07AdventureZipline Canopy/Climbing ExperienceGreat Falls Hike$84.50 Group A
$95.00 Group B
88/10 - 8/14Magic*Illusions Magic ShowMagic Club$80.50
98/17 - 8/21Hawaiian Culture Hawaiian Luau ExperienceTBD$62.00
108/24 - 8/28CircusCircus Training ExperienceCascade Falls Loop Hike$63.00
118/31 - 9/04Culinary ArtsNailed it! ExperienceNailed it! Experience$78.00

Week 1: Dinosaurs Week

This week is all about the Jurassic Period!  While our reading and math enrichment program learns about dinosaurs, campers will explore their artistic side as they have an in-camp ​Amazing Glaze​ dinosaur experience.  The week is highlighted with a special field trip to ​Calvert Cliffs State Park in Southern Maryland.  ​These cliffs along the water's edge have been eroding away into the Chesapeake.  Along the shores we will hunt for fossils that have been hidden in the cliffs' soil for millions of years. Last time we collected a bag of Megalodon teeth!

Week 2: Americana Week

Americana week allows campers to read and learn about our nation's history!  We are currently working on bringing an experience to camp and will update the first week in June.  At the end of the week we will take a field trip to ​Round Top where kids can explore their adventurous side on the zip lines, climbing towers and water slides.

Week 3: Mystery Week

Where were you on the night of the 8th???  Think you can solve this mystery? This week campers will test their skills of deductive logic as we welcome an incamp experience with the ​Murder Mystery Co.​  This is a live comedic performance of a “who done it” that will have groups participate to figure it out.  Think of a real-life version of the game Clue.  Later this week campers will splash into summer with a ​splash day​ that includes water slides at camp.

Week 4: Robotics Week

This week campers will welcome our robotic coding friends from Snapology.  In small groups kids will learn about and code their own robots! This experience will be held at our Perry Hall location in the Assembly Hall. Later that week we will have a field trip to ​Horizon Cinema​ where we will rent out our own theater for a private showing of this summer's kids' ​film​ ​Soul​.
*Movie field trip based on Horizon opening. Our disinfectant strike team will disinfect our theater prior to arrival, including seats and bathroom. Campers will be spaced apart in the theater.

Week 5: Pirates Week

Welcome aboard matey!  Campers will learn what life was like on the high seas as they take a tour of the ​USS Constellation​.  Most importantly they will participate in the Powder Monkey Experience, where campers learn how the ships powder monkeys (kids) would load and prepare the ships cannons!  Later this week, campers will get out in nature and do small group hikes in the beautiful Gunpowder Central region...bring your old shoes!

Week 6: Ninja Week

Last year's hit week is back!  Campers will have an in-camp experience with trained ​Samurai, Yoshi​.  This will include a sword demonstration, short show and small group exercise at our Perry Hall Assembly Room.  Later this week we will have another visitor at camp when ​Amazing Glaze​ comes in to do ​The Great Wave Off Kanagawa ​by Hokusai canvas.  We can’t wait to see their take on this timeless Japanese painting.

Week 7: Adventure Week

Hold on to your seats, it's Adventure Week!  Campers will get outdoors and explore their adventurous side as they ​climb​ or ​zipline​ for the day at ​River Riders​ our adventure partner!  Later this week, our older campers will do an adventurous small group ​hike at Great Falls ​on the Billy Goat Trail, while our younger campers will do an easier hike at Jerusalem Mill/Gunpowder.

Week 8: Magic Week

Is it magic, or an illusion?  Our campers will welcome the​ illusionist Spencer Horsman​ who will amaze them with his mind-bending illusions!  In addition to this spectacular show, campers will have ​special guests from Encounter Magic.​  These magicians will work with small groups to help campers learn the art of illusions.  From what I can tell, campers are going to have their own show for you when they get home!

Week 9: Hawaiian Week

This week campers will be transported from the foothills of Perry Hall to the Islands of the Pacific.  Our in-camp performance with Hawaiian Prince Kuhilo will wow campers with his fire dancing demonstration!  Campers will enjoy a Luau and learn about Hawaiian culture.

Week 10: Circus Week

Our in-camp experience will be with Michael, the circus performer!  Small groups will work with Michael to learn how to become a performer in the circus… from walking on stilts to balancing on large balls, campers will get a crash course at life in the circus!  Later this week campers will again get out in nature for a small group hike of the Cascade Loop in Baltimore county.  Groups will do a seek-and-find as they hike along the trail.

Week 11: Culinary Arts Week

Campers will welcome in our friends from the Wedding Cottage!  Small groups will work with them in our Perry Hall Assembly Hall on special culinary projects!  Campers will have plenty of sweet treats to share when they get home!