2019: Synopsis and Activity Schedule

16/17 - 6/21SuperheroesThe Franklin Institute: The Marvel ExperienceiFly$89.75
26/24 - 6/28TeamworkThe Baltimore OriolesThe Secret Life of Pets 2 or Detective Pikachu$85.75
37/1 - 7/5AmericanaU.S. Capitol BuildingMountain Adventure at Roundtop$69.75
47/8 - 7/12ArtBaltimore Museum of ArtMcFadden Art Studio$75.00
57/15 - 7/19TheaterDutch Apple Dinner Theater: The Broadway Experience of AnnieThe Big Improv Theater$79.00
67/22 - 7/26The CircusTrapeze Academy ExperienceExploration at Kilgore Falls$85.00
77/29 - 8/2NinjasJapanese Embassy & Cultural Center: The Japanese ExperienceNinja Warrior Experience$72.00
88/5 - 8/9AdventureTerrapin Adventures
or River & Trail Outfitters
Horseback Riding
at Hawks Hollow Farm
98/12 - 8/16The Changing EarthCrystal Grottoes CavernsHershey Park$89.75
108/19 - 8/23Money & BankingUnited States Mint
Federal Reserve Bank of Baltimore$65.00
118/26 - 8/30The Culinary ArtsThe Wedding Cottage:
The Cupcake Experience
Hybridoma Organic Fruit Farm$75.00

Week 1: Superheroes Week

This week is all about Superheroes! From Iron Man to Wonder Woman, campers will explore the world of Superheroes. First, campers will experience a special exhibit, The Marvel Experience at the world renowned kids science center, The Franklin Institute. Campers will be able to explore the exhibit and learn about all of their favorite characters, designed by the late great Stan Lee. Later in the week kids will do their best impression of Superman at iFly, as they practice floating on air as they experience indoor skydiving!

Week 2: Teamwork Week

Get ready for our hometown team, the Baltimore Orioles, for Teamwork week! Campers will go to batting practice with the Orioles to see how a professional team operates up close! Then...we will see them in action as the Baltimore Orioles take on the Padres for a home game. Also this week campers will go see one of the two hottest summer movies for kids in 2019, Detective Pikachu or the Secret Life of Pets: 2 at AMC theaters!  

Week 3: Americana Week

The best way to celebrate the birth of our nation, is learning about it! Welcome to Americana week. Campers will take a special tour given by Dutch Ruppersberger’s own staff of the United States Capitol Building! From seeing where the President speaks at the State of the Union, to where bills become laws, to the historic art and rotunda, to where the President is sworn into office, to the Capitol Crypt that was created for George Washington’s final resting place, campers will get a first-hand look at our nation's history! The fun doesn’t stop there; campers will travel to Round Top Mountain where adventure awaits. Campers will spend hours exploring and climbing through the canopy crawl, switchback tower, alpine traverse and giant staircase all connected high above the ground. From Ogo Ball’s to bumper boats to the super slide campers will have a blast. For campers that seek the most adventure, zliplines await. Campers will have both small, large and duel ziplines to choose from. Lets have some fun!  

Week 4: Art Week

Campers will get to know their artistic side during Art Week. Campers will explore artwork at the Baltimore Museum of Art, with a specially designed tour created just for them by our educators. Campers will see artwork by Picasso, Matisse, Renior, and Monet! They will even see a special painting that was stolen in 1951, and returned 61 years later by the F.B.I! The week gets hands-on when campers journey to McFadden Art Studio. Here campers will make a unique piece of art glass. Campers will choose from several different options and colors, then will be guided as they turn molten glass into beautiful art!

Week 5: Theater Week

Ready, set, action! Campers will enter the world of the theater. Our journey this week begins with the Dutch Apple Theater group in Lancaster. Campers will participate in a theater workshop that teaches them how to sing and dance on stage. Once the workshop concludes campers can help themselves to an all you can eat buffet, before seeing Broadway’s Annie! But the theater experience doesn’t stop there. Partnering with the Big Baltimore Improv. Group, campers will get an introduction and exploration of their improvisational skills as their are guided through a workshop by director Michael Hartwell. Get ready for a silly and fun day on the stage.

Week 6: Circus Week

While Barnum & Bailey may no longer be around, that doesn’t mean the show must end! Campers will go to the Trapeze Academy to explore what it takes to make it as a Circus performer. Campers will get an introduction to three different elements of the circus; trapeze, juggling, and acrobatics! This will be an amazing experience. Later in the week, campers will hike to Kilgore Falls for a picnic and exploration session. Can your group find all the items around the falls first? We’ll see!

Week 7: Ninja Week

In this week of stealth exploration, campers will explore what it takes to be a Ninja. First, campers will travel to the Japanese Cultural Center. Here they will experience Japan, as they learn about Japan, some of its history (including Ninjas and Samurai), customs and etiquette, some phrases in Japanese as well as how to wear a proper Kimono. But the transformation to a Ninja would not be complete without Ninja training! Campers will be led through the Ninja Warrior course specially designed for Active Minds by Alternate Routes in White Marsh. Hang on for a real Ninja experience!  

Week 8: Adventure Week

Adrenaline is the focus of this week. Our younger group A (K-2nd) graders will go to Terrapin Adventures where they will tackle the Terrapin Explorer. This is the two story climbing experience that is designed to increase confidence and problem solving as they go around a specially designed course. From mini zip lines to pirate nets, to tight rope walking, kids will have an experience to share when they get home tonight! Our older group B (3rd -5th) can choose an adventure that could leave them a little wet! Campers in this group have the option to go white water rafting on the Shenandoah River near Frederick. This all day excursion is led by an experienced guide from River and Trail Outfitters. This experience works on teamwork and communication as they work together during their journey. However, if a group B camper would rather climb, they can choose to go to Terrapin Adventures this week as well. Later in the week, campers will find adventure at Hawks Hallow Farm, where they will ride horses at their indoor facility. From a full petting zoo to dressing up miniature horses this week is sure to make summer memories!

Week 9: The Changing Earth

Welcome to the world of science. Campers will travel deep into the earth….well about 70ft into the limestone caverns of Maryland at Crystal Grottoes. Campers will explore the stalactites and stalagmites, caverns and odd organisms that exists in these marvels of nature. While we are talking about adventure…..let's go for a day of adventure at the sweetest place on earth, Hershey Park! Campers will spend the day riding rides, roller coasters, or get soaked at the water park!

Week 10: Money and Banking Week

This week is all about the money! Campers will learn about coins, their history, and how they are made with a specially designed field trip by our educators to the United States Mint. After learning about coins, lets see some dollars. Campers will travel to the Federal Reserve Bank in Baltimore. Here they will see where all the banks in Maryland get their money from. Let's take a look in the vault!

Week 11: Culinary Arts Week

Last year's hit theme is back, with a Netflix Nailed It! Inspired theme. Campers will travel to the Wedding Cottage where the master bakers will teach our campers how to design professional cupcakes! By the end of this workshop campers will be design experts! Exploring their creative side campers will make and design their own themed cupcake set. To end the summer campers will travel to Hybridoma Organic Fruit Farm where the will learn about what organic farming is, how it benefits the environment and will be able to pick as many berries, peaches and apples as they can eat!